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A jigsaw puzzle illustrating that xtUML adds execution and translation to UML models

We focus on helping organizations leverage a model-based software-development flow to increase productivity and quality. In addition to teaching, consulting, and mentoring our customers as they adopt a model-based approach, we also build application models and integrate the code generated from them with existing systems. 

While our focus is on the core development flow, we offer expertise in several other aspects of software development. For example, many organizations struggle to specify requirements. With decades of experience extracting, clarifying, and specifying requirements for complex systems, we can help.  

We also have deep experience in model-based testing of systems.  

Having led distributed development teams for over two decades, we can help build, mentor, and lead your team.

Model Development

Turn-key. We provide a complete, tested model based on your specifications, clarifying and specifying requirements as necessary.

Collaborative. We augment and mentor your team while building the model you need. Your team learns by examining our work, and they gain hands-on experience building models for your application. We provide detailed critiques of your models so your team develops excellent modeling skills along the way.

Class model for the carpark application
A state model for the payment machine within the carpark application model

BridgePoint and Model Compiler Development

BridgePoint application splash screen

From help using BridgePoint and its associated model compilers to issue-resolution and feature-addition to complete software-architecture design and model-compiler implementation, we will help you succeed with this tool chain.

We offer flexible training options, tailored to your specific needs, including: ​

  • self-paced, individualized instruction and mentoring via e-mail, chat, and web meetings

  • in-person instruction delivered at the location of your choice​


Basic xtUML Modeling. Learn to define good abstractions with the xtUML language while using BridgePoint.


Advanced xtUML Modeling. Learn to build high-quality, precise executable models.


Model-based Test Engineering. Learn to build model-based test suites for any system. 


Several people taking an in-person, instructor-led training course
A person taking a self-paced training course


An old cartoon depicting a manager directing a group of programmers to start coding while the manager goes to see what the customer wants them to build

We start with what you have, even if it’s only in your head, and collaborate with you to produce a natural-language specification of the system, application, or feature you want to build.

Test Engineering

Given a specification for a system, we build (or help you build) a modeled test suite that can be executed in any of several environments, including BridgePoint Verifier, generated code on the development host, and generated code on the target platform.  

Class model for a general-purpose test sequencer for model-based testing of systems

Team Leadership

A group of engineers collaborating on a system design

Adopting any approach new to the organization is often challenging. Along with instruction, consulting, and mentoring, we can provide team leadership and project management to get your project moving quickly.

A simple roadmap showing a path from point A to point B

Not Sure Where to Start?

Talk to us about your goals and let us help you work out how best to introduce a model-based workflow into your organization. 

We have been doing this for three decades.

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