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SAAB Gripen E-series jet fighter, an xtUML project with a long-time customer

Through the years we have worked on many subject matters including:

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Imaging

  • Manufacturing automation

  • Medical instrumentation and therapeutic devices

  • Printing

  • Simulation

  • Telecommunication

A sample of recent projects:

  • Altitude-control system for a stratospheric balloon

  • General purpose monitoring system

  • Health and usage monitoring system

  • Battery management system

  • General purpose test framework for model-based testing

  • Carpark (parking garage) control system

  • Payroll module for an ERP system

  • Ciera model compiler enhancements:

○  Support persistence without requiring formalized associations

○  Generate message classes and message controller to connect modeled application to browser-based clients

○  Support message interface-message parameters of type inst_ref<class> and inst_ref_set<class>

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