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With many decades of software-development experience across a broad spectrum of industries and subject matters, we enjoy helping our customers solve challenging problems. As pilots we love to work on anything that flies, but we are also adept at learning new subject matters and collaborating with our customers so they gain modeling expertise while developing model-based systems.

A good class model exposes abstractions, and this one does so for a carpark control system


Our backgrounds, our passions,

and our abilities.

John Wolfe, an experienced instructor, consultant, and mentor for xtUML practitioners, enjoying beautiful Santa Barbara


Circa 1990, John began using the Shlaer-Mellor approach for building software while helping others at IBM apply the technique to their work.  For over three decades he has guided dozens of organizations in the adoption of model-driven workflows.

LinkedIn profile.

Alasdar Mullarney, an accomplished instructor, consultant, and mentor for xtUML practitioners and glider pilots, explaining the finer points of winch launching a sailplane


With a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Trinity College in Dublin, Alasdar has led many ground-breaking efforts, including:


  • Development of compilers, execution, and visualization environments for Dr. Harry Markowitz’s Entity-Attribute-Set-Event SIMSCRIPT II.5 on several platforms from IBM mainframes to PCs.


  • ​Development of ModSim Object-Oriented simulation language for CACI.


  • ​Development and deployment of implicit bridging between xtUML domains for JSIMS, a distributed discrete-event simulation system for training military commanders.   


  • ​Development of several xtUML models:

a general-purpose framework for model-based testing

a general-purpose monitoring service

a health and usage monitoring service

a battery-management system


  • Several enhancements to the Ciera model compiler which generates Java from xtUML models


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