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John Wolfe flying a paraglider, illustrating that Maile Technical helps take software-development productivity to new heights

Taking your software-development productivity to new heights

Experts in executable modeling, model compilation, and project management of model-driven workflows.


We focus on helping organizations leverage a model-based software-development flow to increase productivity and quality.  In addition to teaching, consulting, and mentoring our customers as they adopt a model-based approach, we also build application models and integrate the code generated from them with existing systems. 


Through the years we have worked on many subject matters including:

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Imaging

  • Manufacturing automation

  • Medical instrumentation and therapeutic devices

  • Printing

  • Simulation


With many decades of software-development experience across a broad spectrum of industries and subject matters, we enjoy helping our customers solve challenging problems. As pilots we love to work on anything that flies, but we are also adept at learning new subject matters and collaborating with our customers so they gain modeling expertise while . . .

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